AI in radiology: Clinical perspective

AI is said to hold great potential in shaping the future of diagnostic imaging. Dr Vasantha Venugopal, Imaging Lead, Caring, Mahajan Imaging, in his presentation expounded on the clinical aspects of AI application in radiology. He also explained how AI is improving the quality of radiology services and increasing patient satisfaction. He also spoke on the myths associated with AI application. Speaking about the benefits of AI, Dr Venugopal said, “Deep learning is going to improve the quality of radiology services.”

Further, he warned of the black box in AI application. He said that the black-box paradox haunts proponents of AI in radiology. Therefore, it is important to unfold the methods used to reach a conclusion of diagnostic results. He said, “Opening the black box is most important for incorporating AI routine practice.”

Dr Venugopal also touched upon on the fears that surround clinicians and radiologists about AI. Agreeing that the radiology fraternity is worried thinking whether AI will replace their jobs.

Another important aspect brought to light during Dr Venugopal’s presentation was that while initial success is encouraging, AI has two important hurdles to cross- validation and implementation. All of this will not be possible without upgrading the current skills. He said that the role of radiologists will evolve from doing perceptual things to do more transformational work. It will increase the demand for more training and education in radiology. Finally, he said, “The path forward for AI is encouraging but relies on collaboration.”

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