CARING partners with Subtle Medical to improve MRI scans worldwide.

DELHI, INDIA, February 1, 2020 -- Subtle Medical, a Menlo Park-based healthcare technology company, has partnered with CARING - the Centre for Advanced Research in Imaging, Neurosciences & Genomics - to bring improved AI-enabled medical imaging to patients worldwide. CARING, which specializes in the clinical validation and deployment of AI solutions, recently performed a study with SubtleMR™, an AI-powered image processing software created by Subtle Medical that reduces image noise and increases image sharpness for non-contrast enhanced MRI.  The collaboration aims to use digital health technology to enable faster, higher precision medical imaging, and as a result, better outcomes.

MRI exams are one of the most widely used tests to help diagnose a disease or injury.  These exams can be long, arduous and uncomfortable for patients.  "When comparing the faster low-resolution images to those enhanced by SubtleMR, the SubtleMR-enhanced images were consistently equivalent to the routine standard of care high-resolution images,” said Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Chairman of CARING and Chief Radiologist at Mahajan Imaging. "We found from our research that on average, SubtleMR can potentially reduce MRI scan time by 50% without compromising image quality. In addition to efficiency gains, the potential for faster scans will also help to deliver a much better patient experience," added Dr. Mahajan, who has served as the Honorary Radiologist to the President of India.

"It is most impressive that not only is SubtleMR able to improve the quality of the images, but it also improves quantitative SNR measurements,” said Dr. Sriram Rajan, Head of MRI at CARING.  “Using CARPL, the CARING Analytics Platform, we are going to start deploying SubtleMR in several international sites. CARPL’s technology platform gives hospitals and imaging centers single-window access to multiple AI algorithms which makes the process of testing and deploying AI in their institutions seamless.”

Enhao Gong, PhD, CEO of Subtle Medical, added, "It is a very exciting time for us at Subtle Medical as the interest in SubtleMR since recently receiving FDA clearance and CE Mark approval has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in a waitlist for new customers. Our mission is to make medical imaging safer and more comfortable for patients while creating new workflow efficiencies for hospitals and imaging centers.  We are thrilled to be expanding our reach outside the US with CARING to improve patient care worldwide."

“CARING, in addition to the AI platform, also has a full-fledged Next Generation Sequencing lab where we are trying to use advanced machine learning techniques to potentially marry imaging and genomics data. Using these approaches, we can provide targeted insights about disease risk (predictive medicine) and therapeutic efficacy (precision medicine)," said Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Head of R&D at CARING.  "Machine learning, when applied to medical data, has the potential to transform the way medical care is delivered,” said Dr. Vasantha Venugopal, Imaging Lead at CARING. 


CARING is a translational research unit based in New Delhi, India that works with more than 25 research groups across the world, bringing high-end diagnostic tools into clinical workflow. CARING has invented CARPL - the CARING Analytics Platform - which is an end-to-end testing and deployment solution focused on connecting healthcare providers and analytics developers across the world. Additionally, CARING comprises of CARINGdx - a high-end clinical Next Generation Sequencing lab focused on bringing predictive and precision medicine into mainstream clinical practice. CARING has 5 academic publications on AI, including the first paper on AI in the Lancet, and more than 90 scientific presentations at conferences across the world. Find out more at

About Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical, Inc. is a healthcare technology company out of Stanford University founded by practicing Neuroradiologist, Professor Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD, and Enhao Gong, PhD.  It was named a 2018 Minnies Award semi-finalist for Best New Radiology Vendor by  It also received the NVIDIA Inception Award for Top Healthcare+AI Startup Globally selected from over 3,000 contenders.  Subtle Medical has developed a suite of deep learning solutions that improve radiology workflow efficiency and patient experience during imaging procedures.  Current clinical partners include UCSF, Hoag Hospital, UCSD, UPMC, MD Anderson, Toronto Sickkids, DASA in Brazil, Tiantan Hospital in China, and Middlesex Hospital. For more information, visit

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