The Secret Seven: Free tools that every ‘next-gen’ practicing radiologist should know!

Educational Exhibit at the European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, 2019

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Learning objectives

The role of the radiologist is evolving at a pace faster than ever before. We describe seven basic tools that can make a radiologist more productive and ready to face this new technologically advanced world. We believe every radiologist should be able to:

  1. Freely view, manipulate and post-process any dicom image / study
  2. Gain adequate working knowlegde of PACS systems
  3. Manipulate databased to automate a lot of the manual work done today


There are many tools available today free of cost that are user friendly, require no prior experience of developing software and can enable any radiologist to exponentially improve their performance. We describe such tools.

Findings and procedure details

The tools discussed are:

Dicom Viewers:

  1. RadiAnt Dicom Viewer - free viewer that can open any dicom file
  2. ClearCanvas Dicom Viewer - free dicom server that can open almost any file
  3. Horos Dicom Viewer - free viewer for Mac - derivative of Osirix
  4. ITK SNAP - free viewer for image viewing and segmentation

Database Tools:

  1. Notepad++ - viewer for any clinical report database
  2. FuzzyLookUp - match image and report databases easily

PACS Tools:

  1. Orthanc PACS Server - set up a PACS in one minute


We conclude that by simply exploring the tools described by us, any radiologist can become a 'computer expert' which is critical in this era of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.